Red Rock Marina Centre – Interpretive Concept Plan


New award-winning ‘living’ marina in Red Rock, Ontario

The Town of Red Rock is located on the north shore of Lake Superior, an amazing setting. Once a thriving mill town, it is now reshaping itself into a place to experience nature at its best.

A new living marina welcomes visitors to the largest freshwater national marine conservation area in the world.

In another collaboration with XYZ Design, we have created an interpretive concept plan for the new Marina Centre. They asked for the WOW factor and we gave it to them. For this project we brought in PO-MO to develop a huge interactive floor map in the lobby, breathtaking projections of the landscape, and the coolest submarine ride to explore under the surface of the marine park. Find out more about PO-MO at www.PO-MO.com.

The new centre is a straw bale and timber frame construction.  There will be a dedicated exhibit area but the interpretation extends to the large lobby, restaurant, multipurpose room, and continuing with our water focus – into the washrooms and laundromat.

The Town is busy fundraising and we hope to start working on exhibits in the spring of 2013. This is going to be a fun project!!

Update: The Red Rock Marina Interpretive Centre is complete you can see it here and the AV we created here!