Duff Roblin Provincial Park Centre – Concept Plan



The new Duff Roblin Provincial Park is located at the gates of the Red River Floodway. A fitting site for the man that created the floodway that has saved the province’s capital from flooding on countless occasions.

The park is designated but development is on hold. The plan includes a multi-purpose park centre.
A component of the centre is interpretation on:

  • The Red River Floodway – An Outstanding Engineering Feat
  • Dufferin Roblin – The Senior Statesman
  • The Red River – Natural and Cultural Stories

Theme: Duff Roblin Provincial Park is the nexus for Roblin’s visionary projects
– flood protection for the Red River Valley, the provincial park system, and
hydroelectric development. Courageous leadership was needed to carry these
projects forward.

In addition to the park centre, a number of other interpretive elements are planned
for the new park.