Biography of Sherry Dangerfield M.N.R.M

Exploring Mixed Grass Prairie

Exploring Mixed Grass Prairie

Sherry has worked in the field of interpretation since 1990. She has a master’s degree in Natural Resources Management and has operated her Interpretive Planning company since 1994. Her background is in management planning, riparian and grassland management, community development and training.

Her early days in interpretation included developing and delivering interpretation to a variety of audiences in parks. As an interpretive planner she has developed interpretive trails across the province, interpretive centre and exhibits and much more. To review a list of interpretive works see Projects.

She has provided training for organizations such as Manitoba Parks, Parks Canada and the Association for Manitoba Museums. She taught Interpretation and Tour Guiding for the Tourism Program at Red River College for 10 years. For more information see Training.

Giving back to the community is enriching, as well as good karma. Sherry volunteers with a number of community organizations. She is also a long standing member of Interpretation Canada, Association of Manitoba Museums, and the National Association for Interpretation (U.S.A.).