About Interpretive Planning

Interpretive planning is both a science and an art. Interpretation tells your story, why you are unique. It reaches deeper than information to provide understanding and appreciation, connecting people to your place.

As a science, interpretation has principles and rules. As an art, interpretation uses many arts to engage you in the storytelling – writing, film, photography, graphic design, sound, architecture, animation, lighting, print, music, sculpture, and the designs of paths through the landscape or hardscape.

Projects are large and small. It may be a concept plan for a visitor centre, a museum or wayside exhibit, an interpretive trail with brochure guide or signs, an exhibit for your corporate headquarters or hotel, a film or curriculum guide. Whatever the project it should be approached with an understanding of interpretive principles and techniques.

In addition to interpretive products like visitor centres, trails, exhibits, guides and plans we also provide training and interpretive writing.

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The Profession of Interpretation

If you are looking for an interpretive product make sure the interpretive planner is a member of one of the professional associations – such as Interpretation Canada or National Association for Interpretation. Want to learn more about the profession of interpretation? Here is a Prezi we created for Interpretation Canada, our national association for interpretation – I Am An Interpreter