Tell Your Story

Everyone has a story to tell. What’s yours?

Have an Idea for Interpretation?

Your reasons for interpretation may be to increase tourism, upgrade a museum, let people know about a special area or local history, protect something rare, educate children, promote a healthy lifestyle, explain a management decision or a wealth of other reasons.

There are any number of ways interpretation can be used in your community and you will be astounded by the benefits.


Ideas for interpretive projects in your community:

  • create a short interpretive trail around your community with signs or a guide brochure about local plants and animals
  • design half a dozen interpretive signs to tell a local history story, or better yet ghost story
  • create a visitor centre with exhibits that explore what is unique about your community
  • honour a local hero with a sculpture and interpretive sign
  • erect an information kiosk on either end of town providing interpretation about your landscape on one end and cultural heritage on the other
  • develop an architecture tour
  • create an interpretive map of all the special natural and cultural features in your area
  • train volunteer tour guides
  • develop a birding guide – where to go, when, what to see – or guide on wildflowers or butterflies
  • record listening posts that tell a story at the push of a button
  • create a children’s activity booklet for a local trail with lots of things to do and look for
  • put together an Edu-kit for schools that encourages teachers to explore local resources
  • work with local businesses to design guided hike or tour packages

Everyone has a story to tell. What’s yours?

Need a change?

Wondering how you can improve an interpretive product? We can design an evaluation that will provide you with new insights and help you make the improvements you and your visitors want.

Financial Assistance for Your Project

A professionally designed interpretive trail, exhibit or feature will increase visitation to your site. Check out the funding sources available to help you.

Whether your project is large or small there is help out there for you – financial and technical.

No surprise to hear we recommend you get professional assistance with your project. You may be surprised to hear that funders would rather you had a professional interpretive planner on your team too. If the funder’s name is on the product they want it to be top-notch.

Funding bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Community groups with charitable donation status can receive funds from both foundations and government grants. Each body has its own criteria – they may fund projects related to nature but not cultural history or vice versa.

We have provided a few links for you below, but don’t stop there. Do a web search for “grants,” “foundations,” “grants for trails,” “grants for museums,” etc. You will be surprised at what you can find. Some large corporations will fund projects on either side of the border.

Grant information

In Manitoba see:

Other provinces have their own grants. Try a search for tourism grants in your province.