Red Rock Marina Interpretive Centre – AV

Film & Audio

This is a mock up of the interior of the submarine used for the tour animation.

This is a mock up of the interior of the submarine used for the tour animation.

Award of Excellence – Bronze – Interpretation Canada, 2016


We created several audio visual exhibits for Red Rock. Today visitors are more likely to watch a short film or listen to a story than to read a panel of text. Here are some of the ways we engaged visitors at the marina centre.

POW Camp R: we created three scripts for fictitious characters working at the POW camp. Each was recorded in English and French at daCapo Studios. We then paired archival photos of the camp with the scripts to produce a Ken Burns type of short film. You can see them below.

Cuesta animation: we wanted to create an animation to explain how the geological feature called a cuesta was formed, without any audio. After much research and consultation with very helpful geologists we put together the storyboards for an animator at PO-MO, see it below.

In Their Own Words: an exhibit where we interviewed 10 townspeople and asked them to tell us about their town. These interviews were then edited and paired with photos they supplied. It’s a great opportunity for visitors to hear about Red Rock from a resident.

Submarine Tour: our signature piece for the exhibit hall is the submarine tour. Visitors enter a small submarine-shaped theater with four front screens and four portal screens. They are then taken on a tour below the surface of the national marine conservation area. Parks Canada had several objectives they wanted addressed in the exhibit, which were easily worked into the script. Once the script was approved, it was recorded in English and French. We then worked with Pixel Reborn to create the animation to go with the script. Parks Canada was very helpful in providing footage for the animation. Visitors experience different lake environments, see creatures that live in the waters, visit a shipwreck and get attacked by sea lampreys. You can see the submarine tour below, our apologies for the poor quality of the video, its a difficult space to film multiple screens.

Interactive Lobby Floor: the client wanted a spectacular entrance for the lobby. We wanted to highlight the whole north shore of Lake Superior along with the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area. With the help of PO-MO Inc an interactive treasure map was created. It is a projection on the floor that responds to your movement. Follow a pirate ship to Red Rock, each town lights up with a special icon, parks are highlighted, fish disappear when you step on them, and a few ‘monsters be here’ appear.




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