Narcisse Snake Dens Interpretive Plan


Interpretive signs graphic design by Jim Carson for Watchable Wildlife.

Narcisse is the world’s largest congregation of snakes at winter dens. The interpretive plan for this extraordinary site included interpretation for three areas:

Transition Area:

  • From parking lot onto the site
  • Trailhead sign
  • Picnic shelter with interpretation on current research projects at the site
  • Amphitheater area used by tour guides and interpreters for orientation

Orientation Area:

  • Before heading out on trail (some visitors may only get to this point)
  • Series of eight interpretive signs providing an overview of the site and key messages
  • Sculpture of a mating ball

Four Dens:

  • Located along a 3-km trail that loops through the site
  • Each den site to include three interpretive signs addressing the activities of the snakes in either spring, summer, winter or fall

Theme: Each season the red-sided garter snakes of Narcisse undergo a change in their annual cycle.

Challenge: Provide interpretation for visitors year round when the feature being interpreted will only be there in spring and fall.

Location: Highway 17, just north of the town of Narcisse