Whitewater Lake WMA Signs & Brochure

Signs, Maps, Guides

Whitewater Lake is one of the best birding sites in the province. Manitoba Conservation and the Watchable Wildlife Program asked us to develop a brochure and interpretive signs for the site.

Seven interpretive signs are located at two sites – at the viewing mound adjacent to the parking area and at the viewing tower a kilometre north. The signs provide orientation, special species to watch for, and a description of the landscape and its formation.

The brochure was designed to bring people to the site and let them know what they can experience once here. The brochure covers information about rare birds and plants, where to explore and other locations of interest.

For fun there are four sidebars about the swan migration. Here is the first:

WIA Inbound

We are approaching Whitewater International. We hope you have enjoyed your flight from North Carolina on the Atlantic Flyway. We have been cruising at an altitude of 1,200 metres and will be landing shortly. Please ensure you have your family group together before dispersing. Our stopover will be four weeks for refuelling. It is April 15 local time and the temperature is well above freezing.

As senior swan on your flight I hope that you have enjoyed your 50-day, 2,500-kilometre journey. This is our second major refuelling stop on our way to the breeding grounds. Spring flights are always more enjoyable when flying on the warm southern winds. We did encounter a few difficulties with some large areas of bright lights during our night flights and near collision with a communication tower. We were fortunate to make good time with strong winds at our tails.

Enjoy your stay at Whitewater. I look forward to flying with you again once we have refuelled for our final leg of the journey.