Manitoba Grassland Birding Trail

Interpretive Trails

Manitoba Grasslands Birding Trail

The Manitoba Grasslands Birding Trail is a driving trail that gives you an opportunity to see some of our rarest birds, including the little Burrowing Owl. Two trails were developed in the mixed-grass prairie of southwestern Manitoba – another Watchable Wildlife project. At each stop is a kiosk with panels that can tell you about the mixed-grass prairie, its wildlife and why this area is know as the Poverty Plains. It is divided into two routes – north and south.

The Dust to Diversity Trail is a walking trail through the Gerald W Malaher Wildlife Management Area. It was developed in conjunction with the Grasslands Birding Trail and gives visitors an opportunity to get out of their cars for a walk around the property. It is dedicated to the first Director of Manitoba Wildlife and explores early land management to create wildlife habitat.

Special Feature: Interpretation includes brochures, signs and kiosks.

Location: The trailhead for both trails starts in the WMA, 1 kilometre west of Melita off Highway 3 in southwestern Manitoba

Year: 2009

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