Lessons from the Land Trail

Interpretive Trails

Trail Opening with project coordinator Alexis Knispel

Clearwater is a wonderful little farming community that is one of the most innovative places you will visit. Two trails were developed. Lessons from the Land Trail along the river is a newly designed trail with brochure guide. The second, Old Town Trail, is being developed in sections and uses interpretive signs around the town.

Theme: Clearwater is a hard working community where the elders have learned many lessons working the land for generations.

Special Feature: Several community suppers and interviews with elders were held to hear what stories the community elders thought should be told along the trails. The draft trail brochure was focus tested with 75 people during the annual Harvest Moon Festival in 2007.

Location: Town of Clearwater, southwestern Manitoba

To find out more about the Clearwater go to www.harvestmoonsociety.org.

A trail sign for Old Town Trail, cut to the shape of a grain elevator