Foresters Footsteps Trail

Interpretive Trails

The trail moves from a sandy plantation road, up onto a rocky ridge of a jack pine forest.

This was the first trail I designed. The trail guide was submitted by Manitoba Parks to the NAI Media Awards and won an award. It focuses on forestry in provincial parks.

Theme: Foresters have learned a lot over the years; now they try not just to grow trees, but to grow whole forest ecosystems.

Location: Whiteshell Provincial Park

Special Features: The trail takes the visitor through a regenerated forest and plantation, then up onto a rocky ridge and natural forest. Update 2011: The forest around the trail was leveled by a windstorm, after which a recovery harvest took place. Removing deadfall in the Whiteshell is very important because it has not been allowed to burn in over 100 years. The trail is closed.

You can see the trail guide on the Manitoba Parks and Natural Areas website www.gov.mb.ca/conservation/parks.