Falcon Creek Trail

Interpretive Trails

Hikers will see outlines of pillow basalt – stacked bubbles of lava cooled quickly by the shock of cold water deep under the ocean.

The guide for this trail is an activity booklet that explores geology.

Each stop tells a story and has an activity to try. Activities range from blowing bubbles in milk to mimic pillow basalt formation, to writing a syntu about an erratic, to pushing together two halves of a chocolate bar to make it form mountains or submerging plates.

Theme: The rocks of the Whiteshell are treasures because they are so old. They have been on a great adventure around the world and today they bear the scars of many fantastic events.

Challenge: Make geology and its vast time scale interesting and fun for both children and adults.

Location: Falcon Lake, Whiteshell Provincial Park

You can see the trail guide on the Manitoba Parks and Natural Areas website www.gov.mb.ca/conservation/parks.