Old Pinawa Trails

Interpretive Trails

Granite plaques mark the stops along the trail where visitors read about the Jewel in the Wilderness

In conjunction with the Friends of Old Pinawa, an interpretive plan was developed for the site that included a walking trail with brochure for the old townsite and a series of ten interpretive signs for the ruins of the first year-round hydroelectric generating station in Manitoba.

Theme for the townsite trail: Old Pinawa was a company town that in its isolation was self-sufficient and had a strong community spirit.

Theme for ruins of the powerhouse structure and dam: The Pinawa power plant was constructed in the wilderness by hand and horse at a time when many thought it could not be done.

Location: Pinawa Dam Provincial Park

Special features: two sound posts were developed with narratives by former residents

You can see the trail guide on the Manitoba Parks and Natural Areas website www.gov.mb.ca/conservation/parks.