Forgotten Forests of the Prairies

Interpretive Trails

Smaller orientation signs can direct visitors to trailhead signs where they can pick up a brochure guide.

First Place Trail Guide NAI 2005

“Makes simple direct connections. Analogies inspire a whole new perspective on the environment and ecological system. One of my favorites ‘To a woodpecker, a snag is home and a picnic basket’. All ages can relate to that one… and remember it! Each stop clearly defines a unique interpretive purpose or theme, story, and makes it relevant through exploration and discovery. The viewer is encouraged to interact and participate.”

Judge, National Association for Interpretation Awards of Excellence 2005

Theme: Riverbottom forests are rare and unique ecosystems that provide us with important ecological services.

Location: Fort Dufferin, just outside Emerson, MB

Challenge: To design an interpretive trail about riverbottom forest knowing it would flood annually.

Special Features: linear trail with trailhead signs at either end, wildlife viewing deck, benches, part of larger trail system so additional signs developed to show trail system.

You can see the trail guide on the Rivers West website.